Gardening is fun and can be immensely rewarding if you take your time to master the spells and timing needed to garden.  Click on the links to find out more about each item on this page.  If you have any questions you can email me or google it.

First off, get yer Gardening Quest started by seeing Professor Moolinda Wu as soon as you hit lvl 12.

Once you get started, try to use Pink Dandelions to rank up faster in gardening.  They give very good xp in comparison to other plants and far better than their challenge merits.  I have never had one of them die, very sturdy plants. 

Once you make Rank 2 in gardening, plant Stinkweed if you want gold (they harvest for about 90 - 100 gold plus usually give you a treasure worth about 200 gold - smoke screen, poison, feint, pierce or towers).  if you want to get better drops from harvests, look up the different plants and their drops.

Some plants I think are of great benefit:

Evil Magma Peas (these plants rock - unfortunately, they are super rare drops, - worth their price in the crowns shop - wyvern pack sometimes)

List of Housing Items Plants Like

LIST # 2 Housing Items Plants Like

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