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For lower lvl wizards the only farms available are in wc and that means low value gear but if yer a free player (no sub/membership, no crowns) then these are better than nothing.  BY THE WAY GARDENING CAN BE VERY LUCRATIVE IF YOU CAN MAKE IT TO LVL 12 AND HAVE FREE TIME ON YER HANDS.  I hate to see people begging for gifts in wiz and if yer parents knew you were doing that you know theyd be pist.  So, anyway:


Gear Drops

(CROWN GEAR DROPS -inludes pay to play areas) 

BASIC GEAR DROPS (throughout the spiral)

Best Gear Drops (all schools, most lvls - according to w101 wiki)

Wizard City Drops

KT DROPS (illustrated guide, all schools all bosses) - wizard101 central

MB DROPS (illustrated guide, all schools, all bosses) central

MS Drops (illustrated guide - all schools gear, all bosses) - central

DS DROPS (illustrated guide - all schools, all bosses) - central

CL DROPS (illustrated guide - all schools, all bosses) - central

Or shop the bazaar for gear (gold is basically free in wiz you just hafta kill stuff for drops and sell them).

Mount Drops (all worlds, pay to play areas included)

Holiday Drops in WC (the halloween towers are said to drop crowns items including pets and wands or other gear items but i have only verified the nightmare in the Master Tower and non stat gear in the other towers as well as the Wraith Staute in the Master Tower)


Everyone needs gold, even the crowns players need it:  for hatching, crafts, treasures, etc., etc.  So, where are the best farms for gold.  As a rule, micro bosses tend to drop the better stuff for selling and bossses more often drop the better stat boosting gear that is sometimes "no auction" or cannot be sold at bazaar.  Selling to the regular vendors means little gold for yer loot.

WC and free players: KRAKEN, RATTLEBONES, BLACKHOPE, NIGHTSHADE, et al, find the micro bosses and group up on mobs.  The more baddies in a mob the more chances you get decent drops to sell.

KT: same rule as above.  Find the micro bosses and the bosses and mob them over and over for stuff to sell if you want gold.  If yer on the quest line and you just want to keep at it for yer lvls then do yer side quests and grab yer drop for better gear.  Consult the drop gear page linkd to above for the bosses to farm for yer gear.

MB:  This is where you start seeing the higher priced drops and the more appreciated stat boosting gear.  As ever micro bosses are best for gold sell items (final bosses tend to drop no auction items that cant be sold).

Lets say you've reached MS.  Oni is good or Oyotomi (great for wands, robes and hats of various types) and both are fairly quick to beat even alone if you are of the level that you can summon them yer self.  If you happen to port to someone in MS or a world higher than that and you arent of the right lvl, it is polite to ask to join battles (especially boss ones) unless you are a battlemaster and can handle yer own as well as lend a real hand and not just be a burden by dying or eating traps with low rank spells.

DS is great for farming.  If you go through DS just on yer quests you will absolutely fill yer coffers with gold in short order.  Also, gear drops/item drops abound here so keep checking the wiki and the pages listed above for those special/rare items and if you come across something special let others know about it.

CL:  you cannot go anywhere in CL without making gold.  From the Survey Camp to the Trial (or Test).  This is a gold mine.  Stormriven is so popular people often form groups (by inviting to join a group) so no one else can jump in on their farm.  Porting to someone on Stormriven is highly frowned upon if you don't know the pylon bosses rules (they each have rules of engagement that if you don't follow the boss cheats).  All the dungeons in CL are great for drops but imo the gear that you can craft is sweeter here by far.  However, refer to the drop gear lists above and farm for yer best stuff or shop for it in bazaar.  Some of the best gear for storm is in the bazaar (Pandemonium, shhhhh XD ).

GH:  tbh I dont like GH.  it is boring it is long and it is hecka lousy for drops.  That's not to say you can't find some decent stuff here.  The coven is good for wands (sellable but also kewl) and Jotun and his buddies are good for robes and boots  (these are generally 'no action' items).

And finally, the absolute best place to farm for gold sale items, WINTERTUSK:  From the very first bunch of mobs in WT you will get drops that will sell well.  The longer you quest in WT the better the gear gets.  Word to the wise, keep what you like if you get something special but know that you can always come back and try for it again.  Gear that sells for anywhere between 2k and 5k gold each.  Rings, athames and amulets that sell for the same.  Occasionally, you will get some 'no auction' items but you want to scrutinize them carefully before you unload them on the regular vendors (some are more valuable than you might think).  Witch's Star, NUFF SAID.


Ok, this is a work in progress.  Lemme know if you have anything you'd like me to add to this or anything you feel needs to be changed.

Evil Magma Peas (these plants rock - unfortunately, they are super rare drops, - worth their price in the crowns shop - wyvern pack sometimes)
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