Evil Magma Peas in my death houseSummoning MedusaRich Summons Medus woot woot XDRiding the Dragon to Malistairs LairCali gets SirensNora and Jennafriends at CL observatorySomeone getting their Chimera spellCali in NordrilundCali in Stormriven HallCouch Potatoes and a baby Treant?A glimpse of Morganthe in the ChancelAnother shot of MorgantheThe new 'book' quest in ZF is a more fun, you hafta find these paintings and they're animated, yay fun XDAnother of the 'find the books' paintings for quest in ZFThe last boss before the first dungeon in ZF at Nemean Rock, I like these kitties ;)Standing outside Nemean RockDavid and Scarlet entering the Trial - wootCali gettin' critical with Sirens? Tempest?Booya, resist THAT suckas!!!!
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